So Crown.

Sorry for the lapse in posts, friends, but I could only wish my life was as exciting as I benevolently portray it on Facebook. Any who, I’ve been waiting on some exciting shit… Kanye’s rant’s, New York’s soda ban, and North Korea’s temper tantrums aren’t doing it for me. Enter The Cajun Queen. Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter has released a “call for arms”, a DEMAND that you bow down and kiss the ring. 

 So aptly named Bow Down/I Been On, the 3.5 minute slice of “shut your shit” served hot was released leading up to her Mrs. Carter World Tour and she is not about the games. She’s given up the sweet melodic sounds of “Halo” and “Best Thing I Never Had”, the quasi self-righteous “Diva”, and the annoying girl-power anthems of “Run The World” for a bass hitting, chopped and screwed, hip hop driven bruise to egos. 

 Now, this won’t be a song review because that shit’s unnecessary; the track is amazing. This will be an ode to Her Majesty. For those who don’t know, I’m an official board member of the Bey Hive. I pay dues and attend quarterly planning meetings to off heads of the trolls who come for her. If given the chance, I’d boil my Ramen Noodles in her sweat after a performance of “Love On Top”. In my down time I scour the interwebs looking for a snippet of possible new music, but not in a creepy way of course. When I came across this track I was unprepared for the belligerent hoodness and cockiness. She flung my life into the depths of Haiti and I’m still trying to dig myself out. Her growls, the beat, the visions of her on an actual throne as she recorded this. It was all too much. 

 I could go on forever but what I want to tackle is the meaning behind this beast of a song. Lots of people have been digging their panties out of their asses to try and call Beyonce conceited. For years this young woman has dealt with shit from the most abysmal creatures of the music industry (insert Keri Hilson’s rag-tag ass). She’s kept her class in tact and ignored the trifle of your favorite pop singers for far too long. I doubt this song is a single, or even featured on a future album, but it is a self-affirming recording with an unmistakable ode to the south; more specifically, Texas. The references of boudin, slabs, paint dripping… I can’t get enough of the H-town Viciousness. How fun it must’ve been to be in that booth that day. I seriously think Bey was in the studio having a good time, sipping Tanqueray with Solange, and being young. Let’s not take the shit to heart. We all know that if ANYTHING sells more than sex, it’s publicity. She’s successfully sold out a world tour in 20 minutes and didn’t promise an album, a new single, or a new leotard. I’d say she’s won, seeing she hasn’t put out either since 2011. 

 Let controversy rest and believe in your heart that Beyonce is still the humble, gracious, Southern Belle we all know and love. If you do believe she’s become an arrogant trap star, she’s got every right and the receipts to prove it. Have a seat and swivel, ok? 

If you haven’t heard it, here’s the link. You’re welcome.





One thought on “So Crown.

  1. Yeah it was different but she stepped out of her box! Too many artists nowadays get stuck in a rut doing the same shit that’s expected of them!


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