Volitive Belief.

Every few days out of the week I take some time to meddle in my thoughts and scribble what comes to mind in a “gratuity book”. The thought is that I capture whatever it is that I’m feeling/thinking in that moment, write it, and thank/be thankful for that moment of conceptual thought. Today seemed like a good a day as any to post a few thoughts, nothing too striking to me. 

Then  I reread it. 

“… I’ve learned that a heart doesn’t, and can’t, become less of a heart in someone’s time of need.”

This shit just seemed so real to me that I had to share. I hope you, the reader, instantly  went to a time or place where you’ve done your heart’s work absent of what your mind says. I’ll just leave it at that, free to interpretation. 


3 thoughts on “Volitive Belief.

  1. Its true because when I was with Amaya’s father, he had a medical emergency when we were separated. He couldn’t find anyone else to help him. Guess who did?


      1. The doofus got called out to a plumbing job and didn’t wear his steel toe shoes. He wore sandals he ended up dropping a manhole cover on both of his feet. The man could barely walk and was on crutches. I cooked for him and even did his nasty ass laundry. As much as I despise that man, I feel like I did a good deed.


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