Hobbies suck.

So I have this weird obsession with hobbies. It’s like my hobby is to have hobbies. I have a short list of them now, because fuck work. My job ensures that I don’t have a life. Anyway, of this short list of hobbies, I have one easy one; sleeping. The rest of them (painting, writing, crafting, maker, cooking, DIY, and repurposer) are hard as shit to maintain. I feel like any creative though that pops into my head gets lost in the list of subcategories. I think of an owl and all of a sudden it’s “should I paint one?” or “should I write about it? I could do that…” or “do people eat owl? Is there a gravy recipe for owl eyes?”

I also feel like I could give corporate America the proverbial bird and make my hobbies work for me. Unfortunately it takes money to make money, fuck talent. I don’t know. I just felt like ranting about my wasted hobby life while I’m on the crapper at work.


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