That’s uncomfortable.


I’m piddling around my room for the past few hours, folding laundry and looking through that shoebox we all have of otherwise ubiquitous shit that we’ll never need. I came across this postcard, dated August 29, 2013. This was a trip I had taken to El Paso for work because, why the hell else would I be there.
Anyway, I began to read the card and couldn’t get through the first paragraph. I had to reread. And reread again. Suddenly, everything I’d packed for that trip flooded my mind. Had I gotten it all back? Was anything seized? Did they steal anything? As I’m falling into this well of questions, I start to feel eyes on me. I felt the need to close my blinds. It kind of made me shutter to think that people went through my things… My things! The fact that it happened so long ago and I didn’t get to deal with this traumatic experience initially is even more like finding out there was hair in the sandwich you had for lunch, after you ate it.
I feel so dirty and violated. Almost like I was strip searched when I wasn’t looking. My goodies have been compromised. It’s enough that I have to deal with the vulnerability of taking off my shoes and belt at airports. I have to relinquish keys, laptops, liquids under 3 oz. If only for a little while, I’m worth nothing in those security lines. Now I’m the subject of a random bag search, and I find out about it eight months later?!
Tonight’s FPCON levels have just been elevated to a triple vodka, light ice.


3 thoughts on “That’s uncomfortable.

  1. Wow!! And they have no problem breaking locks or anything else for that matter. I guess I will include a check list of the contents of my bag in my bag AND keep a copy for myself. At least I’ll know if something is missing. No bueno TSA!


  2. I am on a first name basis with TSA at my airport. I have the same postcard. I look forward to following your blog.


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