When did we lose dandyism?


I may have stirred the pot on this one but I commented on this picture that was in this article. This was what I said:

Look at these ladies and gentlemen! If we could just get this type of class to transpose on our current generations.

A lot of people agreed with my comment and responded with affirming words. And then there were the people I was clearly speaking about. Outside of name calling and degrading, I actually got some well articulated arguments. Hopefully it’s clear that I didn’t mean we should all walk around dressed like this… I mean. What I meant was, why don’t we care how we present ourselves to the world on a daily basis. A lot of backlash that I got retorted with statements like “they were well-to-do and that’s how they were supposed to dress”. Listen, I’m by no means well-to-do but I take pride in how I present myself because that is your first impression of me. I want to exude class, worldliness, knowledge, and approachability. I don’t think I have to mention what people’s first thought of you is when you look haggardly. I find no shame in saying that the first impression is lasting and if you want to perceived as an elevated person, damn it, you must look the part! This post was on an article dedicated to black people but my comment was a blanket statement to society. Where did the dapper man go? The lady with grace? Where is the enamor of looking your best?

Please share your thoughts.


4 thoughts on “When did we lose dandyism?

  1. I agree where did that dapper guy go, that classy lady? I agree with your comment as it is a blanket statement I can agree with. It boils down to not having much personal pride. I see girls in t shirts and pj bottoms at the store in the middle of the afternoon. WTF? But no one wants to be the one to say something, because heaven help us if someones feelings get hurt.

    Don’t even get me started on writing hand written letters and thank you notes.


    1. Aww I love a good hand written letter… I feel like society requires us to give up so much of ourselves that the mysterious quality in being a lady or a gentleman is no longer relevant.


  2. I believe we have gotten lazy as a whole! No one race more than the other. You are absolutely correct. The less we have to do. The easier things are made for us. The lazier we become. As always, love your thoughts and writing!


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