Ok, in 2014 we should be done with the over-sexualization of women’s anatomy that men have. I have nipples. Two of them. In the same location that a woman would. My nipples have been strewn all over social media in the last six years and not a second look. Women, however, are actually being booted off of Instagram, Facebook, and whatever else have you because they’ve showed nipple. The CEO of Instagram, a man whom I can only assume has nipples, refuses to back down on removing any content showing women’s nipples. As a man and a human, I’m embarrassed and confused at the notion that women’s nipples are sexier than mine. I call bullshit. I have sexy nipples too. And if I can show mine then so can Demi Moore’s daughter and Rihanna. Otherwise ban all nippage and keep it the fuck moving. Thoughts?


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