My first instameet!

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of participating in my first Instameet! It was an even set up by Why I Love NYC and NewYorkCom.

Having never really done anything like that before, I went in with little to no expectations. I took a friend because I didn’t want to go at it alone.


As soon as we’d arrived (we were a bit early) we were greeted with smiles and conversation. I’d literally never felt so welcome to a group. NYC can be a really lonely place so it was really refreshing to be instantly included into something bigger than you.

Once the crowd got bigger things got under way. It was pretty much an organized free-for-all. We made our way from the Chelsea Pier to Union Square, stopping periodically to take pictures and enjoy each other’s company while on this Instagram Mecca. The guides were three huge heart-shaped balloons.


The one thing that really sweetened my coffee was the inspiration. I met so many people, peers, who were so talented and inspiring at what they do. From vloggers to photographers, these people were unequivocally, genuinely talented without apologies. They were so open and carefree with regards to their craft. It inspired me to take more care in being as open in mine.

My hope for all is that you get to experience the thrill of going into the unknown and coming out better for it. Meet new people, shake hands, smile, talk, and be genuine. It’s that easy to experience true humanity.


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