What’s in a Name?!

I have a lot of reasons why I’m not typically a daily blog poster: lazy, uninspired, don’t like what I write, writer’s block. It all comes and goes at different levels. The main reason why I can’t dump the shit out of my drafts and into the interwebs is pretty superficial: I never know what to call the damn piece!!

Fuck a title. I’ll usually just go with how I feel, trying to type as fast as I speak. It usually doesn’t happen that way and I end up having to come to a screeching halt to turn around and pick up the points I drop. Once I get my shit together and get it all on the page, I begin the editing. Fixing grammatical errors, changing site words to collegiate ones, shit like that. This process usually also means I omit a lot of cussing. I don’t want to appear too tacky.

But then comes that dreaded “Enter title here…” crap. No shit, I’m going to enter a title. But what?! I know it has to be catchy because, for some readers, that’s half the span of your attention. I also know I can’t have this exorbitantly long and grotesque summary of a title either. Who the fuck wants to read something titled “That One Time I Scratched My Ass Because it Itched as I Lay on the Beach”? Exactly. I have no real tactic when it comes to choosing a title. I just kind of put a few words together that fit. All the good titles are usually attached to songs or porn.

Le sigh. This is why my draft looks like a windows recycle bin.


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