My two cents.

With all that’s happening in the news about corporal punishment, my soul felt a need to speak on it.

I got my ass whooped. It got tore out the frame at times. You know why? Because I fucking needed it, that’s why. My mother, a single one of three boys, spared no rod in our household. Our punishment was a 6 foot belt by the name of Fred. If my mother wasn’t deploying Fred, my grampa had The Board of Education. Between Fred and The Board, I feared acting an ass around these two people.

I don’t resent my mom or grandfather for those timely ass whippings. They literally gathered my scruples and forced me to get my shit together. In ever ass whoopin there was a lesson. There was never an intention of rogue abuse, hate, or malice. They were simply punishing me for the dumb shit I did, and I thank them. If not for corporal punishment, my black ass would probably be in court right now, pleading “affluenza” for driving drunk or stealing weed papers from 7-11. Because these people cared enough to instill values and beliefs of an upstanding citizen, I’ve grown to become one.

My peers got it as well. We discussed our ass whoopins. We laughed about them. But, the lesson was learned and we never reverted back to those indecent behaviors that warranted them. This was for fear of the punishment, not the enforcer.

My youngest brother is 13 and he doesn’t get it nearly as much as my 23 year old brother and I got it and the difference in behaviors is astounding. We were self sufficient and reliant. We knew right from wrong, whether we acted like it or not. We didn’t fear the world because of this. Now, children are cloaked with a sense of protection and entitlement because apparently it’s ok for the outside world to monitor what goes on in our personal four walls. Ass whippings aren’t illegal, they’re integral.

I like to keep my posts short, so I won’t say too much more, but the necessity to instill fear of repercussion for our action has become a thing of the past. Take that away from parents and be prepared to watch the world burn at the hands of one of these miscreants.

That is all.


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