Oh, to be young and lazy.

I woke up this morning and did what every average millennial does within the first 30 seconds of their angry rebirth; I checked my social status on my iPhone. One of the first notifications I saw was that I and 57 others are supposed to be “occupying” something in Washington Square Park. First, well… Second angry thought of the morning was “I’m not occupying shit!”

I don’t know how I’m always voluntold, via my damn phone, to be a political falcon of some bullshit, pretentious, entitled pep rally of a sinking generation. Listen, I am a part of this generation. At 27 years old, I understand the struggles of college tuition and that bum bitch Sallie Mae. I know all about the baby boomers crawling out of retirement to swallow up all of the entry-level positions that our starry eyes were set on. I get the struggle to want to be where you’d always thought you’d be at this age and not being anywhere close. But come the fuck on. If you have time to rally against minimum wage instead of working to get out of it, minimum wage might be all you deserve. Maybe my crassness for this subject is harsh but we are supposed to be the generation of creativity and ingenuity. Why aren’t we more entrepreneurial in our approach to enter the working market? Why does our generation lack the heart and balls that it takes to try and fail a few times and gain the experience?

I’m not sitting here telling you that I’m a pillar for our millennial standing. It’s a tough world out there, made even tougher by the pressures to succeed as our parents did. We all have goals and dreams, I don’t doubt that. I’m really tired of seeing, however, the bulk of our young society attempt to place those goals and dreams on the backs of others. We aren’t owed shit. There’s a newsflash I’m tired of hearing but it’s true. Fewer of us are starting families, giving up the excuse of caring for the home. Most of us have some sort of college level experience and the savvy to translate that knowledge into the private sector. The problem is that a lot of us are afraid of a little elbow grease. We’ve had it pretty easy up to this point and now we’re stuck. We want to jump immediately into the market of our interest but don’t want to get dirty and take risks.

We’re young. We’re resilient. We still have an element of fearlessness that can work to our favor. So instead of causing a political uprising via my fucking facebook, why don’t we try throwing caution to the wind. If you hate your current situation, Charlo Greene that shit. Come up with your plan and then put it into action. Prepare for hurdles but don’t fear them. Brave the cold, for summer always comes. Find your passion and put pressure on that shit! Coals to diamonds baby!

I’m done.


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