My other, other love. 

For the duration of this site I have dumped random thoughts, photos, and ideas with no real direction. That won’t change anytime soon so don’t get your hopes up. I do intend, however, to start posting men’s fashion and style tips and tricks that I know and use. It is one of many important facets in my life and I feel that style, hygiene, and overall behaviors of the millennial man deserve another voice (amongst the hundreds out there).

In this portion of my blog I’ll be discussing different products I use, routines and regiments I partake in, and different trends for the common man. We will also delve into different topics related to healthy day-to-day living and pretty much how to coast smoothly into our 30s.

This won’t be spoken from a professional. This will just be a conversation on tried and true experiences that have, or haven’t worked, for me. It’ll be fun, I promise!

This blog will be sort of a Russian nesting doll until I get my shit together, so please bare with me.


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