Makes No Sense

So, I guess these existential crisis are going to be a recurring phenomenon. It seems like I’m having one every two weeks, conveniently preceding pay day. Wouldn’t you fucking know it, they end about two hours after my paycheck clears the bank. I’m pretty sure it’s me being my typical, dramatic self but sometimes i can’t help but assume that the reason they are recurring is because I’m on the cusp of some sort of change and I’m not doing enough to facilitate it. I hate to get fake deep but I seriously wish I knew what I could do to work this shit out. Clearly, it’s not enough to be receptive and ready for the change, I have to figure out what the hell this “change” is. It’s really hard to walk around as the angsty 27 year old with a chip on his shoulder because he’s always in this meta-mental state of crisis but, shit, that is my ministry at this point. I don’t know. Maybe I just need a burrito.


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