I Came to Fight


I can feel it. I am on the precipice of something special. Something so altering, it’s scary. I can smell a conclusion. It’s surpassed my bones and is in my soul. My spirit. Whether it’s victory or defeat, I’m unsure. I will work. I will grind until my fingers are numb. I will push and fight until I get to the finish line and then I will push and fight for more. My time is now. If it’s to make me or break me is unseen, but it’s here. And I will fight. Stay tuned.



So I hit a PR record today of 50 followers. Fifty of you beautifully disturbed individuals follow the gratuitous, self righteous, silly shit I post and I am profoundly grateful. I know you don’t expect much from me. If you’re like me, you simply follow because of one post you like and then soon regret it. But if you go against the grain and actually enjoy reading the turducken of blogging that I do, thanks!!! I’ll be sure to keep you proud! I promise you, this shit is a raging river in my head and it is sure to wet your whistle as I get back to a position to blog regularly. Again, thanks for the follow, thanks for helping hit a personal goal, and thanks for reading this shit I call life!