Why we riot in short. 

While it is a terrible tragedy and loss to the family and friends of police officers, service members, and the like to be killed while in the line of duty, it is a risk that comes with the job. I’ve never been to or heard of a march or rally for justice for people in those career fields. It is not, however, a risk that should come with being black in America. That is why these riots and protests are happening. I don’t wake up, dawn my blackness, clock in and hope that it’s just another day in the office and I don’t get killed. I don’t get to take this melanin on and off. I get to live in it, day in and day out, and fight for my equality and justice. If it means we riot, protest, scream, and din convenience you then so be it. 

We will be heard. 



I was hoping to go a lifetime, paved in struggle by my ancestors, that wouldn’t see the injustices in our country toward a culture or color. I’m afraid, now, that I’ll go a lifetime because of these injustices.