Girl, We Don’t Care.

I’m not here to judge anyone who smokes or their reasonings behind it. Can you please leave those who don’t the hell alone though? We are well aware that you are a burn out. This 420 shit needs to stay back in high school, where I thought we’d left it. At 20 something years old, whether or not your smoke weed should be your business and your business alone. If you’re so open to discuss your smoking habits and shenanigans all over my timeline you’re probably headed down a well-beaten path saddled with regret and failure. If you lead a good life, smoke weed in the confinement and comfort of your own home, and don’t feel the need to broadcast it to the world, kudos… I fuck with you. I’ve got coconuts with the┬ápeople who use that “herbal essence” while sliding up and down my twitter feed with these 420 memes. On a scale of one-to-Rihanna you look pretty dumb. Like, have a little decency to keep that bullshit to yourself. Again, I’m not judging. I care. You matter. Blah. This isn’t a damn holiday though. We’re not here to celebrate with you. Clock out, get to the house, kick of your shoes and relax your feet. Roll one, smoke one, watch Teen Moms and take your ass to bed. Just leave us the fuck out of it.